About Us

H & C Group of Institutions

Harshitha Krishna and Chidananda Krishna is an instrumental in founding the TRUST
Sri Krishna Indira Educational and Charitable Trust” having the tag “Aashraya” meaning Shelter.

Under this shelter we have:

RAYS Montessori, a unique and authentic Montessori House of Children, working with young minds of 2 years to 6 years of age, bringing back into practice the values and ethics of our TRADITIONAL SYSTEM of Education that is the Gurukula System.

We are located in the midst of the lush green belt of ISRO Layout, Bangalore, which is ideal for Montessori education. Our standards are high and our aim is to educate children
so that they are ready to face challenges with strength and curiosity.

With the complete support of our parents and children; we have extended our service in the field of education; RAFL – Rays Academy For Learning, the Elementary School with an Integrated Montessori Philosophy, inculcating strong INDIAN VALUES and CULTURE in Holistic Development and Preparing for ICSE & IGCSE Board of Education.

Let our young minds under the shelter of Sri Krishna Indira Educational and Charitable Trust have the freedom & Joy of Learning with discipline, project and mark an icon in the society.

Our core philosophy:

  • Follow, respect and encourage each child
  • Give freedom to explore
  • Provide a well-prepared environment
  • Provide a great child’s experience and follow a child-centric approach, depicted by
    self-directed activities
  • Teaching procedures – based upon peer learning, observation, interests, inherent motivation,and accomplishment
  • Build trust and develop confidence in children
  • Endorse social development, creative exploration and support self-efficacy

About Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori, the founder of the Montessori Method, was the first woman to practice medicine in Italy. She had a great fascination towards children. Her keen observation helped her to, in knowing their requirements and understanding the child. The Method of Dr. Montessori was first implemented in San Lorenzo, Rome and was named as ‘Casa-de-Bambini; means ‘House of Children’

Mixed Age Group

We believe in vertical age grouping, which creates an atmosphere where children learn to help and be helped by other children, since they interact consistently with children whose age and abilities are varied. Older children learn to be patient and tolerant, and serve as role models for the younger children. When an older child teaches a younger one, it reinforces previously learned concepts and is actually an aid in complete mastery of concepts. Younger children learn courtesy, manners, and conflict resolution by watching the older children in the environment.

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Prepared Environment

Our environments are spacious and well ventilated and have a rich supply of learning materials for each area of the curriculum, neatly arranged on low, open shelves so that children can access them independently.