Chairman’s Note


“When the Root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind”.  It is indeed all about the roots, about our lineage, which has immensely contributed to our society.

My Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents, and my parents have immensely contributed their time and space working with women and children in the field of education.  Each one has dedicated and worked their potentials in founding Educational Institutions, Trusts and Vocational Training Centres.

My Family is my inspiration and  I’m blessed to be born to spread their roots; we have sprouted with their blessing, RAYS, a unique and authentic Montessori Method of Education and RAFL – Rays Academy For Learning, an Elementary Schooling with a different approach, where a lot of importance will be given to the designing, conducting and achievement of curriculum.

Significance of education to us is no bookish knowledge norbelieves in creating a constrained environment. At RAYS, each child is given the freedom to explore, express and create inquisitiveness in absorbing and learning anything and everything with discipline and the way it should be done.

We strongly believe in Evolution of Holistic Development of a child and not just academics; NO Comparison NO Compromises, WE WILL BE UNIQUE and make a DIFFERENCE in terms of quality, oneness and ability to conspire what our children want to be.