Principal’s Note

Namaste !

Welcome to RAY Montessori and RAFL – Rays Academy For Learning.

90% of Brain Development happens during 0 to 6 years of age.   This is the stage where the child absorbs the maximum for his /her development, the sub-conscious absorbent mind, conscious absorbent mind and the logical mind works at its best; we, the early childhood facilitators are picked and chosen by GOD to serve the young minds at RAYS; Our dedication, guidance and motivation will help each individual to become self-reliant and confident in all aspects of learning, the way it should be done.

Extension of Montessori is our Elementary School ( 7 years and above[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]

the age of logical minds).  RAFL- Rays Academy For Learning is a welcoming and dynamic community that provides exceptional education in a faith-filled environment. We are well focused and committed to the Holistic Development of the child – intellect and spirituality, social and physical; the multiple focuses prepares children who are ready to meet the academic challenges of High School and beyond.

We observe and DISCOVER the inner POTENTIALS of each young learner and provide a channel in EMPOWERING their EXCELLENCE. We believe this is the formula for SUCCESS.

The vision of RAYS is to give each individual the chance to fulfil his/her potential possibilities to become an independent, secured and balanced human being.

“A Child is like a butterfly in the wind,
some can fly higher than others
but each one flies the best it can,
why compare one against the other,
each one is different, each one is special,
each one is unique and beautiful.”
Let’s help the child to become independent
and develop at his/ her best”